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May 12th






Red Dwarf

Back in the Red - Pt. 1

Oh how things change!
Lister the Cat, Kryten & Kochanski are finally back on Red Dwarf. Except thanks to the overactive Nanos, the Dwarf is better than ever & fully crewed. Of course things go wrong right off the bat as the gang is put on trial for blowing up Starbug. Their only chance of escape lies in the newly reconstituted Rimmer and a senile copy of Holly.



The Invisible Man

Shadow on the Screen

What good is being invisible when people can track your movements by radar? Not much really which means Brady is going to have to be extra sneaky to complete his mission & get away alive.



Doctor Who

The Brain of Morbius 1 of 4

The TARDIS has landed on a desolate planet and the Doctor believed the Timelords are mucking with him again. Sarah finds a spaceship graveyard and a freshly decapitated alien leading her & the Doc to check things out. They happen upon on Dr. Solon (mad scientist extroraordinare) and his henchman Condo who are working on a mysterious and sinister project. Barely escaping with his head, the Doc runs into the Sisterhood who have a mad on for just about everyone and everything. As events play out the Doctor must convince their dying order to help stop Solon from reviving the long thought dead Morbius, the malevolent Time Lord once executed for his crimes against the universe.



Doctor Who

The Brain of Morbius 2 of 4



Doctor Who

The Brain of Morbius 3 of 4



Doctor Who

The Brain of Morbius 4 of 4


Program note:

Doctor Who

Thank you IPTV!

Doctor Who in March features 3 more full stories (the 6 episode Seeds of Doom will be broken into 2 weeks)

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