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April 28th






Red Dwarf

Beyond a Joke

Kryten Vs. Kochanski in all out war!
Well not quite... mainly it's Kryten flipping out about no one paying enough attention to him.



The Invisible Man

Crisis in the Desert

The Invisible man gets a field test in the middle east. His mission rescue a british secret agent without being seen



Doctor Who

The Android Invasion 1 of 4

The Doctor and Sarah Return to Earth... or do they. If it's Earth it's a reeeely strange one where It smells like rain, but isn't wet, UNIT soldiers throw themselves off cliffs and an entire village is filled with robot automotons.
Of course
it isn't really Earth, it's a Krall training ground where they are practicing thier imminent takeover of the real Earth. The lynchpin is a missing human astronaut who will spearhead the invasion along with a whole passle of android duplicates backed up by a really nasty virus.



Doctor Who

The Android Invasion 2 of 4



Doctor Who

The Android Invasion 3 of 4



Doctor Who

The Android Invasion 3 of 4


Program note:

Doctor Who

Thank you IPTV!

Doctor Who in April on IPTV will be a wonder to behold as each week we'll be treated to an entire story in Episode format!
March features 3 more full stories (the 6 episode Seeds of Doom will be broken into 2 weeks)

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