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April 28th






Red Dwarf

Epideme - Pt. 1 of 2

Lister contracts the deadly Epidime virus which threatens his life and the rest of the crew. See that's what happens when you go defrosting strange women from derilict spacecraft... you'd think the guys would know that by now.



The Invisible Man

Secret Experiment

The Invisible man gets a field test in the middle east. His mission rescue a british secret agent without being seen



Doctor Who

Pyramids of Mars 1 of 4

Disturbing ancient Egyptian tombs can be hazardous to an archeologists health. In this case disturbing the Tomb of Sutekh could lead to the enslavement of the Galaxy.
Thankfully the Doctor & Sarah stumble onto the scene when the TARDIS lands a few decades before planned. Instead of UNIT hq they fiond themselves in the 1920's on the Scarman estate where Lawrence Scarman is trying to find out why his brother Marcus is acting like he's posessed (hint: he is!)
Of course there's a mystery transmission being beamed to Mars, and once the kid gloves come off, killer mummy robots serving SUTEKH, an alien of unimaginable power. Sure Sutekh was sentenced to life imprisonment under the Pyramids of Mars for his destruction of the 5th planet (currently the Asteroid belt) many eons ago, but let's face it,
anyone who can blow up an entire planet is going to be difficult to defeat, especially when he can completely dominate peoples minds.
You might want to keep your fingers crossed for the Doc tonite, he'll need all the help he can get.



Doctor Who

Pyramids of Mars 2 of 4



Doctor Who

Pyramids of Mars 3 of 4



Doctor Who

Pyramids of Mars 3 of 4


Program note:

Doctor Who

Thank you IPTV!

Doctor Who in April on IPTV will be a wonder to behold as each week we'll be treated to an entire story in Episode format!
March features 3 more full stories (the 6 episode Seeds of Doom will be broken into 2 weeks)

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