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April 21st






Red Dwarf

Beyond a Joke

Kytens jealousy is going to make his head explode if he's not careful. Ooops. Too late. Looks like the gang'll have to cancell that AR date after all & go find some new parts for thier mechanoid pal.
Of course they run into trouble on the way & pick up Able, Kryten's druggie "brother".



The Invisible Man

Secret Experiment

A devious scientist out to steal Bradys work has made one miscalculation - how do you outmanuver a foe you can't see?



Doctor Who

Planet of Evil 1 of 4

Sarah & the Doctor are responding to another galactic distress signal, this time near the edge of known space. They find they have arrived too late to save most of an ill fated scientific mission to harness Antimater. Mainly becaus e the Antimatter they are hunting is intelligent and has systematically killed off the expedition. Professor Sorenson, the head scientist on the mission has managed to survive but still hasn't figured out that his test subject is the killer. So when an expidition sent to rescue his party shows up he does whatever he can to blame the Doc & smuggle Antimatter off the planet.
Unfortunately for everyone involved the AntiMatter doesn't want to go anywhere which means the rescue ship is in danger of being stranded. Even worse Sorenson starts experimenting with the stuff & winds up turning into "Anti-man" scourge of matter & general murderous twank.
So the Docotor has to keep from being executed as a murderer, figure out what Sorenson has done, negotiate with the Antimatter inteligence on the planet, get rid of al the Antimatter on the ship & keep from getting throttled by the mad professor.



Doctor Who

Planet of Evil 2 of 4



Doctor Who

Planet of Evil 3 of 4



Doctor Who

Planet of Evil 3 of 4


Program note:

Doctor Who

Thank you IPTV!

Doctor Who in April on IPTV will be a wonder to behold as each week we'll be treated to an entire story in Episode format!
For April that mean 4 stories in 4 weeks with 4 episodes each week. Oh bliss!

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