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April 7th






Red Dwarf

Duct Soup

Kristine Kochanski gets put through the paces of extreme Dwarf madness as a certain jealous mechanoid forces the whole crew into crawling around the innards of Starbug..



The Invisible Man

The Vanishing Evidence

The Invisible man sure likes picincs... this time out he has to save a friend from death by out of control car flying off a cliff then figure out who'd want her killed. Hmmm Potato salad AND death defying adventure... what a show!



DR Who

Revenge of the Cybermen 1 of 4

The Time Ring takes the Doctor Harry & Sarah back to the Nerva Beacon, but has temporally displaced them and now they have to wait around for the TARDIS to show up. Of course exploring the station sounds like a good idea until they start running across dead bodies and a small paranoid crew of survivors.



DR Who

Revenge of the Cybermen 2 of 4

Nerva, in this time period, is being used as a navigational beacon to keep passing space freighters from bonking into rock that wandered into the space lanes. The problem is that the crew onboard Nerva has been quarantined after contracting an apparently deadly disease. Unfortunately it's only after Sarah gets bitten that the Doctor diagnoses a terminal case of Cybermats!



DR Who

Revenge of the Cybermen 3 of 4

Of course Cybermats means Cybermen & even though they may be on the lower end of the bad guy food chain, they are a determined lot to say the least. And they have something to be VERY determined about. It turns out that the rock Nerva is being a beacon for is VOGA the legendary planet of gold. Gold being deadly to the Cybermen, you may begin to see why they want it blown up.
However strapping bombs onto the Doctor & co. then sending them to the core of the planetoid may not have been the brightest of ideas.



DR Who

Revenge of the Cybermen 4 of 4

The Vogans are pretty freaked about the Cybermen attacking even though their gold makes a lethal weapon. Fortunately one of the Vogans has been planning on the Cybermen showing up (actually it's his scheming that brought them there to begin with). Unfortunately he's a dork and his missile is a reflection of his dorkiness.
So the Doctor will have to save the day, this time tied to a chair on the bridge of Nerva as the Cybermen send it spiraling towards a cataclysmic impact with the Planet of Gold.


Program note:

DR Who

Thank you IPTV!

Doctor Who in April on IPTV will be a wonder to behold as each week we'll be treated to an entire story in Episode format!
For April that mean 4 stories in 4 weeks with 4 episodes each week. Oh bliss!

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