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March 31st






Red Dwarf


Dave Lister is one of the most unique human beings in the history of history as he's about to find out when Starbug encounters a dimensional tear and he's presented with the girl of his dreams, the one and only (sort of) Kristine Kochanski.



The Invisible Man

Death Cell

You'd think that gambling would be among the temptations of being an invisible man, of course that would be cheating. Although maybe Brady will get in the spirit when professor Owens daughter is at stake.



DR Who

Genesis of the Daleks 5 of 6

Davros really is a sly old dog for such a twisted little cut-off freak. He's set about annihilating his own people to cause the birth of the Daleks and is torturing the Doctor for insider information on the future defeats of the Daleks in order to make them virtually invincible.



DR Who

Genesis of the Daleks 6 of 6

The Doctor will now attempt to escape from Davros, be reunited with his companions, retrieve the information about the Daleks that was tortured out of him, find the Time Ring, and destroy the Daleks forever.
But will his conscience prevent him from doing unto the Daleks before they do unto him?.


Program note:

DR Who

Thank you IPTV!

Doctor Who in April on IPTV will be a wonder to behold as each week we'll be treated to an entire story in Episode format!
For April that mean 4 stories in 4 weeks with 4 episodes each week. Oh bliss!

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