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March 18th






Red Dwarf

Stoke Me a Clipper

Ace Rimmer makes his triumphant comeback! Well actually he's been shot and has a very important mission for Rimmer. Rimmers very nature will be put to the test and for a change, he may actually do the right thing.



The Invisible Man

Point of Destruction

Brady is supposed to be getting a fancy award but the ceremony is delayed because the Russian guest of honor is arrested at the border. So if he wants the award the Invisible Man will have to spring into action!



Dr Who

Genesis of the Daleks 2 of 6

The Doctor & Harry figure out a surefire way to infiltrate the Kaled Base - get arrested! Sarah doesn't fare as well though and is captured by the Thalls who put her and some stinky Mutos to work.



DR Who

Genesis of the Daleks 3 of 6

Davros is really outdoing himself this time... As leader of the scientific elite he's figured out just what the Kaleds are going to mutate into after so many years of war, he's even built some nifty travel machines & armed them... You'd think someone wouldn't like that he's altered the kaled Mutants into pitiless killing machines tho.



DR Who

Genesis of the Daleks 4 of 6

Of course Davros really doesn't care about anything but putting himself among the Gods by having the Daleks take over the universe. And he's even willing to destroy his own race to further his own ends.
At least all of Sarahs work on the Thall Rocket won't go to waste :)

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