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Here's the entire schedule for Sci-Fi Friday Night programming on IPTV for Festival 2000
Including the shows on Sunday Morning the 12th

Looks like you can still vote for your
favorite Red Dwarf Episode too...

Do it now before it's too late!

March 10th



Festival 2000 March 10th



Red Dwarf

Special Episode #1

Here's the first of the viers choice Red Dwarf Episodes...
Care to bet on what it will be?



Red Dwarf

Special Episode #2

And here's the second of the viewers choice Red Dwarf Episodes...
Imagine that!



Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf A-Z

Hosted by Patrick Stewart it's a quick A-Z romp through all things Dwarf.



Red Dwarf

Can't Smeg Won't Smeg

The Dwarfers join Ainsley Harriott for a Cook Off? And you thought some of the "regular" episodes had far-out premises...


March 12th

Festival 2000 March 12th
late Saturday night or early Sunday monring...
however you want to look at it :)



Red Dwarf

The Smeg Ups

The bloopers fly fast and furious behind the schenes of the small rouge one...

Wait a sec... does anyone else think it's strange this is on Sunday morning & not part of the Friday Night Lineup?



Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf A-Z

The Dwarfers join Ainsley Harriott for a Cook Off? And you thought some of the "regular" episodes had far-out premises...

At least this one is a repeat from Friday Night....


March 17th


Festival 2000 March 17th



Dr Who

K-9 & Company

A spinoff of Dr. Who featuring K-9 & Sarah Jane seemed like a pretty good idea at the time.
Tonite is your chance to decide for yourself!



Dr Who

Genesis of the Daleks pt. 1

The Doctor Harry & Sarah are diverted to Skaro by the Timelords to interfere with the birth of the Daleks! However he perils of travelling through a war zone might end all the gangs troubles before they even catch a glimpse of the Pepper Pots

Unfortunately we have to wait forthe 24th to see parts 2 3 & 4

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