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March 3rd






Red Dwarf

Tikka to Ride

Paradox-o-rama! having been blown out of existance last episode the Dwarfers are back with a vengance. Unfortunately for all reality, Starbugs curry supply has been destroyed and Lister will do almost anything for curry... including tampering with Krytens programming and travelling back in time.



The Invisible Man

Play to Kill

Woo Hoo party in Amsterdam!
ummm... well actually the intrepid invisible man is there tracking down some important papers stolen by an international spy who winds up being shot by another british agent.



Dr Who

Who On Earth is Tom Baker

As Festival approaches we get another Dr Who special! Not that we mere mortals can hpe to fathom the mind of Tom Baker, but hey it's wortha try right?




Seeing Through Walls

In 2005 the govt is experimenting with behavior modification chips. So the choice becomes: Death Row or the Chip. Sure the chip might "cure" you, but it's experimental... you know, it could be worse than death.

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