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February 25th
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Red Dwarf

Out of Time

Suffering through an unreality minefield leads the gang to a working Time Drive. Unfortunately they are visited by their future selves who are in need of some spare parts.
After tonight you'd think the Dwarfers would learn not to screw around with time...



The Invisible Man

Picinic with Death

Would you trust an escapeee from a psychiatric hospital if she told you her life was in danger because she can prove her husband on death row is innocent?



Dr Who

The Sontaran Experiment 1 of 2

The Doctor wants to test out the Arks transmat beam and stumbles into a bit of a mess on the not quite so abandoned earth. What between a robotic probe, the stragglers on a failed exploration mission and a wuvvable Sontaran the place is jumping with activity.



Dr Who

The Sontaran Experiment 2 of 2

How do you foil a Sontarans plans? Easy, exploit thier pride & supervulnerable hole in the back of thier neck. Of course where there's one Sontaran there's more...



Dr Who


Time for some documentary action folks! Sit back & get to know Tom Baker. Yeah.

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