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February 18th
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Red Dwarf


Ah Rimmer gets what he deserves for abandoning ship! Trapped alone on an unspoilt world, Rimmer unleashes the horific power of cloning creating an entire civilisation of himself. Will he survive the experience? Will We?



The Invisible Man

Odds Against Death

Check your bookie for the odds on this one folks... Your guess is as good as mine :)



Dr Who

The Ark in Space 3 of 4

The Wirrin are multiplying like rabbits. And with the remains of the human race at stake, the Doctor is desperate for a solution. Hopefully a weakness can be found by tapping into the brain of the Wirrin corpse.



Dr Who

The Ark in Space 4 of 4

The Wirrin really are a relentless bunch of beasties & with the knowledge of two of the Arks senior officers, they just might be unstoppable. But maybe they can be suckered into a compromising position somehow...
It could be simple human spirit that beats these buggars, but wouldn't we all prefer a good old fashioned "Big ol' Explosion"TM

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