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February 11th
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4 episodes of Dr. Who!






Red Dwarf

Emohawk - Polymorph II

How much can you pack in one episode?
Starbug gets mutillated & is forced to land on a planet of GELFs where Lister is forced into marriage as a trade for replacement parts. Unable to cope with married life, Dave makes a run for it & his new father in law lets loose an Emohawk to hunt him down.
BTW, an Emohawk is a polymorph that feeds on emotion.



The Invisible Man

the Locked Room

Brady finds a new hope for becoming visible, a pretty Russian scientist who'se trying to defect. All he has to do is break her out of the hoosgow without being seen!



Dr Who

Robot 3 of 4

Just who'se side is the lovable old professor Kettelwell on?
Unfortunately he's with the bad guys who now have the Robot, the Disintigrator gun, harry & Sarah held hostage, a heavily armed well stocked underground bunker, and stolen codes that will allow them to unleash nuclear armageddon unless thier demands are met.



Dr Who

Robot 4 of 4

The bad guys plans are knackered by the Doc, but not before the Robot goes insane after killing it's creator. So now the Robot is going to unleash Armegeddon and thanks to The Brig he's huge and invulnerable to boot.
But the Doctor may be able to use another of the Professors inventions against the meniachal metallic monstrosity!



Dr Who

The Ark in Space 1 of 4

The TARDIS materializes on a strangely dormant spce station. bad enough that the air is running out but Harrys blunder put Sarahs life in serious jepordy.



Dr Who

The Ark in Space 2 of 4

Sarah dissappears forcing The Doctor and Harry to explore the station where they find mankinds last best hope... well... a whole bunch of stiffs on ice might be more precise. But the mystery of thier extended supsended animation comes a bit into focus thanks to "the Thing in the Cupboard"tm

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