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January 28st
We're delayed for an hour tonite and Minus Red Dwarf thanks to Wrestling coverage...






Red Dwarf

NO Red Dwarf tonite!




The Invisible Man

Shadow on the Screen

Is Dr. Brady really as invisible as he thinks? Sure you can't see him & I can't see him, but when someone develops an invisible man spotting radar, his mission to rescure a prisoner from a Russian ship is serious jepordised.



Dr Who

Planet of the Spiders 4 of 6

Talk about an unfriendly welcome, the Doc has to come up with a weapon to use agains the spiders before Sarah and the rest of the abandoned colony become lunch for the ravenous arachnids..



Dr Who

Planet of the Spiders 5 of 6

Stopping the spiders from taking over the Earth becomes the priority and the monestary becomes the battleground... Too bad for the revolution back on Metebilis.



Dr Who

Planet of the Spiders 6 of 6

It's showdown time as the Doc goes face to face with the Great Spider in order to prevent it from taking over the universe. Will it simply crush his mind or gloat a while beofre doing him in?
One thing is for sure, the Doctor will never be the same after the deadly encounter. Can you say "Regeneration" boys & girls?

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