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January 21st






Red Dwarf


Kiss the Dwarf goodbye... Dave lost it.
Actually he lost it some 200 years ago and has been in suspended animation in Starbug ever since. Kryten has been awake and busy traking the lost ship the whole time and thinks he's found it. All the gang has to do is take a shortcut through an asteroid field.
An asteroid field filled with hallucination inducing brain suckling GELFs...



The Invisible Man

Behind the Mask

The request of a disfigured man could mean the death of another... Will Dr. Brady figure it out in time?



Dr Who

Planet of the Spiders 1 of 6

Former Capt. yates is "resting" in a Buhddist retreat & sends for Sarah to investigate some odd goings on.
So where's the Doc? He's investigating a mentallist and
the brig is investigating a belly dancer.



Dr Who

Planet of the Spiders 2 of 6

Of course Sarah and Yates have stumbled on to something really strange...
Yep Giant Spiders are posessing English dorks in order to recover a Very Important Crystal.
And yes that woudl be the same Blue Crystal from Metebelis 3 the Doctor gave to Jo as a going away present, which much to his surprise, she has sent back to him because it's been freaking out some native guides.



Dr Who

Planet of the Spiders 3 of 6

Lupton (the English dork posessed by a Metebelian spider) is after the Crystal & he'll stop at nothing to get it. Sarah could testify to that as she's seen Mike get cut down by negative mental energy & has to rely on the somewhat less than bright Tommy to help her out.

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