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January 14th






Red Dwarf

Back to Reality

After four years the total imersion Red Dwarf video game is over. The gang wakes up with a bit of amnesia and one of the worst scores ever. But just as Sebastian, Billy, Jake & Duane Dibbley are coming to terms with who they really are the world turns against them again.



The Invisible Man

Crisis in the Desert

The Invisible man gets a feild test in the middle east. His mission rescue a british secret agent without being seen. Sorry I couldn't resist



Dr Who

The Monster of Peladon 4 of 6

With the Ice Warriors putting everything under martial law, only a complete diffusion of the situation could get rid of them (legally). But even while most of the miners are willing to go along with the gag, there are still a few radicals with a stolen sonic canon that could turn the whole palace to rubble.



Dr Who

The Monster of Peladon 5 of 6

Sure the Ice warriors are big green nasty & have built in death rays, but unlike most reptiles, they don't do so well in the heat. In the battle to save Peladon getting the Warriors hot under the collar might be the planets only hope for survival.



Dr Who

The Monster of Peladon 6 of 6

Thwarting the evil intentions of the Ice Warriors would be a lot easier if Eckersly wasn't around. As the miners take arms against thier opressors and the Queen gets taken hostage, the Doc takes controll of the bad guys weapon and may pay the ultimate price to Eckerslys dealdy booby trap.

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