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Red Dwarf

Demons and Angels

Kryten is trying to adapt the matter paddle to solve the gangs suppluy problems, but winds up splitting Red Dwarf into the best of all Dwarfs & the Worst of all Dwarfs....



The Invisible Man

Secret Experiment

Time for something completely different!
Dr. Peter Bradley becomes invisible in a lab experiment gone wrong. In order to regain his visibility he may have to cut a deal with his government for lab time.



Dr Who

The Monster of Peladon 1 of 6

The last time the Doc visited Peladon was with Jo when they saved pealdon from it's own superstitions. This time round Sarah Jane is along for the ride as superstition meets galactic intruige and political turmoil.
Alpha Centauri is still hanging around with a new Ice Warrior delegate along with the human Eckersly. Kind of sad the fourth delegate bites it so early :(



Dr Who

The Monster of Peladon 2 of 6

Obviously something is fishy on Peladon when a mythical beast is popping in and out killing miners for no apparent reason. But the Doctor knows there is a reason for it & it's a race against time to find out who is trying to disrupt the mining and why. Is it the Miners, the Ice Warriors, agents from Galaxy 5, Aggedor... or maybe Alpha Centauri has gone insanely power mad from being stuck underground for so long.



Dr Who

The Monster of Peladon 3 of 6

At the root of this whole mess is Pealdon's natural resources, specifically Trisilicate, which the Federation desperately needs for thier war efforts against Galaxy Five. The Miners are fed up with being second class citizens forced to do all the dirty work & Queen Thalira is just about as limp as a wet rag.
Here's hoping Sarah Jane can inject Thalira with the power of Womens Lib in time to save the day!

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